Kindergartens & Schools

Kindergarten group visits

Very young children are little experts when it comes to looking at art! With their keen eye for detail they can examine the works on show and open up fascinating realms of the imagination. The Hamburger Kunsthalle offers many different opportunities for kindergarten groups and pre-school children to explore and engage with art. During a museum visit they can show what they already know, talk about art, develop their own ideas and produce creative works based on what they have seen and learned. Members of the education team use a variety of methods involving play, discussion and multiple senses to make the children’s first encounter with art and the museum a very positive and entertaining experience. Further information is available here.


School group visits

Art can help to make learning easier – and fun! The Hamburger Kunsthalle offers lots of opportunities for children of all ages to engage with art of different eras and types, as well as with the museum itself. A visit to the Kunsthalle can be incorporated into the teaching of every school subject, and guided tours can be used to enhance learning in many creative ways. Further information is available here.